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Cleaning Your Pool Deck For Summer Fun

Cleaning Your Pool Deck For Summer Fun

If you've got a private home pool, you probably spend a lot of time and money taking care of it. Between vacuuming up dead leaves, checking its filter, balancing the water's chemical balance, and more, it's a lot of hard work- but it's all worth it to have a clean, fun pool you and your family can enjoy.

But don't let your pool care regimen stop at the water's edge! Pool deck cleaning should be an integral part of your pool maintenance, too. The health, cleanliness, and safety of your pool deck matter for creating a safe and enjoyable environment. With the help of a pressure washing expert, pool deck cleaning doesn't have to be a huge added burden- it can be handled quickly and safely!

Here are a few of the main reasons why we consider pool deck cleaning a must in terms of pool deck maintenance. If you need a pressure washing expert to help you get your home ready for summer fun, call Super Suds Pressure Washing at 704-634-6487 for a free pool deck cleaning quote today!

Reducing Slipperiness

Slippery decks are one of the biggest risk factors around any pool. It's a big reason why we've all been told not to run on the pool deck since we were kids! Moisture from standing water on waterproof sealers is part of what makes the deck slippery, but algae and mildew growth can also contribute to that slipperiness.

Algae and mildew thrive on moist surfaces, and even with the presence of antimicrobial chemicals, there's still enough opportunity there for them to grow and set in over time. Not only does this stuff look nasty, but its buildup can further reduce traction on an already-slippery deck, making it unsafe to walk one.

Cleaning up growths of algae and mold is important for keeping your decks safe and slip-free. Without those slimy organisms messing up your deck, you can safely stroll around the pool without the fear of stepping on a slippery patch!

Improving Air Quality/Reducing Allergens

Another bonus of cleaning algae/fungal growth is that it keeps your air quality clean. These organisms release spores which can do a number on the surrounding air quality and even trigger allergic reactions in some people. Eliminating their harmful presence with pool deck cleaning keeps their nasty spores out of the air and out of your lungs!

Extending Your Pool Deck's Lifespan

The same kind of chemicals that keep your pool water safe for swimming also wreaks havoc on your deck's health over time. Common pool chemicals like salt and chlorine are actively harmful to materials like chlorine, pavement, and wood; causing these surfaces to bleach, crumble, and crack over time.

With your deck constantly exposed to these chemicals from being splashed with pool water, it's important to be proactive. Pressure washing your pool deck a couple of times a year gets rid of the excess chemicals, protecting your decking materials and slowing their gradual degradation. Regular pool deck cleaning can seriously increase your deck's lifespan and reduce the need for repairs!

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